Monthly $5 Give Club

Are you a member of the club? Let's do good together!

The New City Church $5 Give Club

Grateful people give. -- One of the five values of New City Church

What can you do with $5? You’re probably thinking, “Not a whole lot.” But when each of us gives just a little, it can lead to a whole lot of good.

WHAT IS THE $5 GIVE CLUB? - The $5 Give Club is a pro-active way to positively impact our surrounding communities through each of us giving $5 monthly above and beyond our regular tithe and offerings. (So if you're a couple, we offer the suggestion of giving $10 per month on behalf of both of you.) All monies collected are used to help us partner with various organizations to help those in need, and/or are presented directly to local families and individuals to help provide for needs and offer hope and help.

HOW TO GIVE - There are two ways you can participate in the monthly $5 Give Club:

1) On Sundays - Drop your monthly Give Club donation in the offering boxes which are located at the back of the auditorium and in the lobby. Every $5 and $10 donation given will be assumed to be for the $5 Give Club. You may drop in cash or a checks, and those donation amounts ($5 and $10) will be designated for the Give Club. Note: It's important that you don't include your Give Club donation within your regular offering check. It should be a separate donation so we'll know to designate it to the Give Club. And of course, all of your recorded gifts (checks) are tax deductible.

2) Online Giving - If you'd like to give online, you'll want to make a monthly donation to the Give Club that is separate from your regularly scheduled donation, again, so that we'll know to designate it to the Give Club. So you'll set up two separate donations each month--one for your regular tithe and offerings, and one for the $5 Give Club (in the amount of $5 or $10). As always, your monthly gifts are tax deductible.

GIVE CLUB CELEBRATIONS - We'll give updates every month about where the preceding month's donations were given, who they impacted, how they will help, etc. Generally, this will be done through a quick video presentation during one of our Sunday services each month so that together we can experience and celebrate the difference that generosity and "loving our neighbor" makes.

So join the club! You can get started here or at church on Sunday. You can also see the previous $5 Give Club recipients here.

P.S. You don't have to be a member of New City Church to be in the $5 Give Club and help us help others. Anyone anywhere can participate simply by making a monthly online donation as instructed above. And you can set your $5 or $10 Give Club donation to "recurring" so you'll know you're helping others every month. And of course, all your donations are tax deductible.

NOTE: The New City Church $5 Give Club gives 100% of monies received directly to people in need.